Still font issues Terminal

Hi Endeavour OS Team

This is a fantastic forum and group of people and awesome Arch distribution. I loved Antergos and was sad to see it go. Glad there’s a team to pick it up again. Thank you, everybody, I can’t wait to see this Arch distro grow. :blush:

I’m an Arch user and love new things. I’m currently having problems with fonts in the terminal if its not a mono font it’s squeezed together not looking right. I tried to find the answer on google couldn’t find fix.

I also saw this that seems similar to the same problem I’m having but didn’t see a fix for all fonts

If anybody knows how to fix fonts issue in terminal please let me know everything else is Awesome with Endeavour OS.

Right click in the terminal and select preferences, appearance and change the font.

Thanks @ricklinux but i have already tried that and its still squeezed can’t read it

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Edit your post, add a screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

give some INFO about your Desktop Environment and font settings, and yes a screenshot will be helpfull too. wrongly scaled font can have different reasons, wrong font wrong font settings, display setings…

Thanks. I’m running out of the box xfce as is. Its beautiful. My monitors are dual boot 1920x1080. I also running it in virtualbox for now.

here is screenshot font issue

Try a mono spaced font. DejaVu Sans Mono, Noto Sans Mono, etc.

Only Mono font works? The other fonts should work as well

condensed in a way…

What do you mean by that

Did you try a mono-font? Did it work as expected?

Yes Mono fonts work. But the other fonts do no work as shown in screenshot

You can also try Ubuntu sources, if you want, of course

$ sudo pacman -S ttf-ubuntu-font-family


That’s not really fix for all fonts. sudo pacman -S ttf-ubuntu-font-family

Then only Ubuntu fonts would work if they do. I think those already installed. I will check

Search Google for terminal emulators that use nonmono fonts and you may be disappointed. Terminals are designed with fixed width spacing in mind. My guess is terminals use fixed spacing even for proportional fonts. And therein lies the rub. There may be one that will correctly handle fixed/mono spaced and proportional fonts, but I don’t know of one.

The best comment I found during a Google search was “I use MS Comic Sans because it is both proprietary and ugly.” :grinning:

What font do you want to use? I just set a font that works and i never look at it. I don’t expect that ALL fonts will work and even if they did. I will never use most and not like some either. Deja vu serif condensed is going to be “Condensed”

bitmap fonts not working, all others should work.

joekamprad: looks…
condensed in a way…



What do you mean by that

—> condensed = adjective

con·​densed | \ kən-ˈden(t)st \

Definition of condensed

: reduced to a more compact or dense form


Some terminals might have issues with certain fonts. I’ve tried hundreds of diferent fonts for terminal. And the 3 fonts I always come back to is;

GohuFont (a great looking bitmap font that’s available in sizes up to 14px which make it usable even on HD screens 1080)

Hermit (for those who don’t like dense fonts)

Anka/Coder (just a really nice font for terminal)

There’s obvioulsy tons of other fonts that look great too - like SourCode Pro - Hack - Mensch - Monofur - Meslo - Fantasque Mono etc

Bitmap Fonts do Not work with pango… so not in xfce4-terminal

I use it at 10px here but it’s available up to 14px