Steamos build

Hello I know that manjaro has a steam deckify package that allows you to boot straight into steam os and then to desktop if you want. Can someone please point me in the right direction if this can be done in endeavour ? And link would help thanks !

isn’t that just enabling Steam’s “Autostart” feature and “start to big picture” feature?

SteamOS is something completely different. You can’t “start into that”, you would need to install and boot it.

No it’s like a gamescope session similar to big picture but enables a lot more features

Like a year ago I tried gamescope, didn’t work, not even sure what it actually is. But I’m interested too, if it’s possible to boot into the UI that the deck uses. I don’t think it’s the same as starting a whole desktop environment, then autostarting the big picture mode. Maybe it can be faked with some minimal desktop environment, but I have not tried those minimal DE’s.

Nobara does it with waylaid a think

well there are few packages, don’t know if they are sessions that you can log into.

maybe this one works, at least it was made by the chimera dev

It is just a gamescope session that SteamDeck uses. With some tweaks.

I’m not sure what this means, not at home to try it. Can you log into this? Does it work? I would like to use this, when I want to just game.

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