Steam not working/opening

leonorat@leonora-20aws0du00 ~]$ steam-native
bash: steam-native: command not found
[leonorat@leonora-20aws0du00 ~]$ steam[70023]: Running Steam on endeavouros rolling 64-bit[70023]: STEAM_RUNTIME is enabled automatically[70023]: internal error: /home/leonorat/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/ is missing, this runtime is invalid or corrupted

this is what happens when I try to run runtime steam through terminal. nothing happens when I click it in the menu.

Any reason you are using steam-native and not steam?

someone recommended it.

Well, I’m not sure why they would recommend that over the default steam package. The steam-native package uses system libraries. While the steam package uses its own versions of libraries. I don’t have steam-native installed, but there have been some updates to system packages, so maybe that caused the breakage? The regular steam package appears to still be working though. Would probably need to figure out what was updated and when the package stopped working in order to tell you more.

i only just installed it, and it hasn’t ever worked.

Well in that case maybe the install got interrupted or corrupted somehow. It says that it is missing the command all together. Maybe try reinstalling the package.

how would i delete it?

You shouldn’t have to just install it normally. sudo pacman -S steam-native-runtime. You can run the install command as many times as you want. All that will happen is that if it is installed. It will reinstall the package unless you provide the --needed flag.

Edit: Also make sure your system is up to date in order to not try downloading an old package.

I just found your other thread, so it appears you had a problem with the regular steam package and then tried out steam-native on recommendation, but ended up with the same problem. I would say both packages as well as the config directories for them and try again. sudo pacman -Rsc steam steam-native-runtime and then rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/Steam and then rm -rf $HOME/.steam and finally sudo pacman -S steam

Edit: Also don’t make multiple threads. This splits efforts and makes triaging issues harder.

nothing happened with rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/Steam

What do you mean nothing happened? Do you mean that there was no output in the terminal? If that is the case then that is how it is supposed to work. If there is an error then it will print something. If it prints nothing, then that means it did its job.

oh, ok. seems like Steam is working, so thanks!!! :grin:

No problem. Based on our conversation thus far. It appears that you are very new to both linux and the command line. If I may ask, was there any reason why you decided to choose EndeavourOS? Arch and Arch based distros are typically regarded as one of the harder distros to use for new people despite the fact that they are popular amongst more seasoned linux users.

Oh, wow. I see someone is not used to forums — opening a separate thread for every step of the same issue. Well, things are working now, all good, I guess.

:enos_flag: :vulcan_salute:

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