Steam missing several Vulkan extensions

Good day, fellow EOS users. After running an update yesterday, I noted that, when using Steam, Vulkan is missing specific a few Vulkan extensions, and BInit cannot initialize Vulkan. Even after testing a fresh install, I also noted the problem. Everything else seems to work as intended, though. Have I overthought a simple installation problem?


Maybe have a look through this

Leafed through again; I think I’ve done the basic setup correctly, from what I can see. I have Vulkan installed and what I believe are the right utils, all with a supported card. I should also mention that, prior to the system update performed yesterday, I’d not seen that error before.

Hmm, what is the output when you try to run it through the terminal? Also another thought is your steam client up to date, this is done in steam through the steam menu in the top right corner. What Vulkan drivers do you have installed? (Just throwing out a few ideas + more information will help others to understand the problem better)

Everything up to date. The error disappeared about a day or so after manually uninstalling and reinstalling all Nvidia related drivers, so I’d hazard a guess and say that fixed it. Anyway, thanks for the assistance, and I hope you have an excellent day.

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Will always try to be helpful when I can, you have a good day too

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