Steam Link on non-Rpi devices?

I don’t actually have an ARM Linux device at the moment. I’ve been looking at the PinePhone, PineBook Pro, and the Odroid Go Super.

Is it possible to get the Steam Link application to work on non-Raspbian distros and non-Raspberry Pi devices? I’ve looked into it several times in the past and to my very limited understanding, it depends on 2 rpi specific libs and thus won’t work outside the rpi ecosystem.

Having looked into it again today, I saw on the level1techs forum that someone has it working through an nspawn container. Is this a viable option or should I just keep my fingers crossed that Valve/Collabora will release a more generic ARM build in the future? I simply don’t own any devices to test myself.

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In theory, I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Not sure what the performance would be like though. Would love to have a go at this, but I’m low on free time at the moment & know nothing about systemd-nspawn.

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