Steam games freezing after about 20 minutes, freezing system while closing

Hey yall,

About a year ago I full tilted into Linux as my daily driver. Minus some games I don’t play, my experience has been generally good.

About two weeks ago I swapped out Manjaro for EndeavorOS. A few days ago, my steam games started freezing after about 20 minutes, and when I close the game through steam (the force stop), my whople system freezes for about 10 seconds before closing the game. This doesnt occur though Lutris of Heroic Games Launcher, only steam (both cases).

Ive not experienced any other slow downs.

I cant seem to pin point the problem, so any suggestions would be great. If you need any read outs to help, just let me know what commands to run. While Im comfortable in Linux as a whole, I’m no expert.

System Specs:
EndeavorOS, KDE CPU: i9-9900k GPU: Nvidia 2070 Super RAM: 32 gb GPU Driver: 530.41.03 Kernel: 6.2.11-arch1-1

My Steam is natvie. I have no flatpack or snap programs. Everything on the system is through Pacman or AUR.

Steam terminal output after crash - Proton Log -

Thansk for the help guys! I’m trying to figure out what is wrong vs a reinstall of the OS.