Steam Flatpak - Error 38 when downloading or "path too long"

Hi there,

Due to these problems on Forza Horizon 5 (via Valve’s Proton), I installed Steam Flatpak.

It seems to run fine, but the first time, when the download finished, a popup was displayed (probably from Wine or something similar) saying that “the path is too long”.

Wel, from now on I created a folder inside my home trying to reduce this “long path”. Now the download does not even starts after verify for disk space available. And I can see at the shell an error 38.

It seems Steam is not being able to save things in my SSD. I have already verified permissions of the folder I created inside home just to that. I have also chmod it to 777, without success, however.

Any idea about what could cause this, guys?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

It’s a flatpak, so did you check the flatpak permissions using an app like flatseal? Can steam even see your home folder through the sandbox?

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Thank you so much. I’ll check that.