Steam Deck is near!

Alright, Steam Deck seems to be launching end of February! Steam OS is arch based! Are you going to get one? I reserved one for 5 bucks but I am probably way far behind in the line and not sure yet If will pull the trigger, need to save some $ :grin:

This seems like an awesome device as it can run these games also on desktop PC, and steam deck is essentially a portable PC. You could even install EOS on it I assume!

Hopefully more games will be protonated for Linux!

Recent infos from our favorite Linux gamer:


I was tempted when I saw that you can dock it and use a keyboard and external monitor.

Then I realised what I wanted was a laptop.


What about getting a steam deck instead, pc to work so you can take a screen break every hour for a 15 min gameplay.

I haven’t yet seen the dock available but it can be connected to external monitor via USB C (8K at 60Hz or 4K at 120Hz) and keyboard via Bluetooth.

Some nice hardware specs.

It doesn’t look too bad. I wonder if the OS and all the drivers are fully FOSS?

Could one who is so inclined just, you know… delete everything from it and install EndeavourOS, and use it without a Steam account? :rofl:

Asking for a friend who gets his games from… alternative sources.

It’s a normal PC. You can do whatever you want with it. You can even install Windows…




Iirc it should be possible, yes. Valve apparently posted some firmware yesterday and plans to release their new steamOS entirely some time after the deck launches.

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What does “normal” mean in this context? Is xbox a normal PC? Is some samsung galaxy phone a normal PC?

I’m sure I could manage to install another OS on it, but my worries are whether every hardware peripheral will work correctly. What good is having a different OS on it if, for example, you don’t have network connectivity?

Don’t know about everything being completely FOSS, but:


They call it PC. And well, the installed hardware gives it. But for me (and my old eyes) it´s only a stamp. Sorry… :wink:

Let’s tear the thing down!

:microscope: view of the internal at 13’35"

I was pondering this. Especially if SteamOS is to be modelled around an immutable /root version of Manjaro.

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It’s Arch. Valve are sending Decks to a number of Arch maintainers. :wink:



Is that why they’re too busy to update the toolchain? :wink: