Steam beta pipewire issue today

Just a heads up, the beta steam client pushed an update today which prevented steam (steam-native, not runtime) from loading on my system - error said I had missing.

I installed lib32-pipewire from the AUR which seems to have fixed the problem.

Just in case the same thing happens to you today :slight_smile:

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This might want to be added as a dep to, unless it should be provided by lib32-libpulse:thinking:

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I might have posted too hastily:

That AUR package fixed the error message, but Steam now hangs (or at least becomes unresponsive) at the Connecting Steam account: xxx… window. So it wasn’t a total solution after all.

The workaround for me for the time being is simply to use steam-runtime… it still starts without issue.

For reference,

can confirm, i’m having the same issue

Steam Native is still hanging for me when trying to login to my account. Any else still experiencing that or have a solution?

Also happening for me, from my searches this apparently happens when some native libraries are just the incorrect version.

I’ve reverted to using


for now.

Thought I might add that ‘steam-native’ broke after it self updated the past 3 days.

Error in Terminal:

Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(steam)/version(1623193086)
[2021-06-10 22:01:04] Verifying installation...
[2021-06-10 22:01:04] Verification complete
Failed to load - dlerror(): cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[2021-06-10 22:01:09] Shutdown

You don’t need to install ’’, because steam-native will lockup when attempting to login.

You can use steam-runtime to launch steam.

Alternatively some people have removed ‘steam-native’ and replaced it with steam flatpak version

(I have not tested this yet).


Confirmed that I am now using Steam Runtime for now till we get a fix. I summarized my research at the bottom of your thead.

Update your system, this was fixed in steam-native-runtime :wink:

Thanks. I’m on the Manjaro Stable slow boat still ( steam-native-runtime’ on my system). So … (dance like an old man knowing he needs to re-build his laptop) :stuck_out_tongue: . Maybe end of the month I will get the update.

I mean…

You can get it sooner… switch to EnOS. :wink: