Steam App flickering


I am using EOS since a few weeks. It has been a good expierience.
The only downsight is that Steam (and sometimes other Apps like Bitwarden) is flickering and the Screen behind is visible until I klick on the window. Also Steam Games are stuttering. The FPS goes down to around 2 FPS.
I use wayland as it came with the base installation. I can change to X11 on the login screen.
All Programs are on the newest version. I update the system everytime I boot it up.

I hope you can give me a clue how to fix it.

People will need some more information to help you, what desktop enviroment are you using? What are the specifications of your machine?

How did you install steam?
also post inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

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I always forget to mention this, need to pin it to my wall

I am using KDE Plasma as it comes as default with the installer. I will run the inxi Command later.

Did you install steam from a flatpak?

Yes how did you install steam, and if it was through the repos was it the native package or just steam

I installed it with yay. If I remember correctly the package was named steam-runtime. I don`t have any Flatpak on my PC.

This is probably what it is named in the menu as mine is, I use the steam package but there is also a package called steam-native-runtime.

This is the log, that was generated by your command.

It’s a known issue with Nvidia gpu’s and Wayland.

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Thanks for the help. I guess i have to ignore it or switch to x11.


Nothing wrong with X11, I still use it on and off for things that don’t work right with wayland

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I used to have an Nvidia gpu, what you can do is try to lower your refresh on your monitors from my experience from 100 and down the flickering becomes less but I recently switched to an AMD gpu so I don’t have flickering issues with Steam under a Wayland session anymore.

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I guess I switch to X11.

Thank you all for your help.

This community seems to be great so far.


A big reason I stuck around and try help where I can as much as I can


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