Status of AI personal assistant on linux distros

On a side-note:

Microsoft says it has developed a single system for OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, that is equivalent to a supercomputer: 285,000 CPU cores, 10,000 GPUs and immense network bandwidth. The cost of training large language models in the older GPT-3 language model alone is estimated to be a few million dollars. Current models are even more complex and thus likely to be even more expensive.

Even possible open-source AI models, for which there is apparently growing internal respect at Google in particular, will not be able to break up this concentration on a few players without further ado. After all, the use of complex models always faces a certain entry hurdle in terms of the availability of hardware and data volumes, albeit perhaps to varying degrees.

In short, as magical as AI tools may seem, the associated concentration of power and dependence on a few tech companies that are even capable of developing or operating these resource-intensive systems is problematic.



yes it’s chatgpt with internet access, but you can disable it’s access, but that’s kinda pointless imo…

what I saw about gpt4 looked like it’s a lot better with problem solving, maybe more limited in some aspects idk, but it produces better code from what I’ve seen.

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Anyone try out this one yet? Alpaca-Lora:

Scalable Personal AI: You can finetune a personalized AI on your laptop in an evening.


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ok, it looks good. But you have to use the paid version of the api key. Do you think it is worth paying for the api key?

Does this mean that it is not worthwhile to create an open source Ai project, unless there are huge amounts of sponsor money?

Not at all, though one might come to think so at first glance…

The article talks about political and economical concentration of power in the hands of a few. AI and ChatGPT is not quite an “iPhone-moment” that the media are trying to make of it by hailing it.

Google, Meta and M$ are the big players, but at least someone with Google is beginning to take OpenSource AI projects serious.

chatGPT surely is convenient and I am still using the free GPT3 model. The paid model GPT4 is a lot better (I have access to the paid version at work):

Source? I am genuinely curious.

Needs testing, like I said it’s not expensive, ~50 cent an hour. I’m waiting for my gpt4 api access until I will play with it again, some people already have acces, they wrote on github that the gpt4 version is a lot better in problem solving and programming.

But idk if you need this thing to read a book, it can. If you want to compile information about the top 50 twitter accounts it will do it. Some people had luck making simple websites, it even installed the web server for them.

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Is it gpt4 api access or just that chat interface?

just the chat interface but that is already extremely useful

Anyone tried Anthropic? I have requested access, not sure if I will get access anytime soon.

I don’t have any official sources, other than I have a friend who works at one of these telecom companies who told me.

I think there are sources all over the internet. It’s no secret, everyone does it.
Under armor bought Endomondo for 500 million dollars. For well under 500 million dollars, Under armor can make an app themselves and market it. But the reason they chose to pay 500 mil for it was because of all the data Endomondo had mined on its users.

Data and private life information are gold. This is why facebook, google, microsoft, amazon etc have become so powerful.


My search skills aren’t the best, I found that ISPs collect and sell data but not how much revenue they make from data export.

ok i will pay for an api and test it.
I’ll be home in two hours and start installing it.

When I ask chat gpt if it can recommend a certain brand of Chinese parking heater. Then it says that it cannot recommend a specific brand as it is an Ai.
I think it’s a shame that they dumbed it down like that.

welll …

Can you recommend a certain brand of Chinese parking heater

As an AI language model, I don't have access to real-time information or the ability to endorse specific brands. However, I can provide you with some popular and well-known brands of Chinese parking heaters that you can consider researching further:

    Webasto: Webasto is a globally recognized brand that offers a range of parking heaters, including diesel-powered heaters.

    Eberspächer: Eberspächer is another reputable brand known for its parking heaters. They provide various models and fuel options, such as diesel and gasoline.

    Belief: Belief is a Chinese manufacturer that produces a wide range of parking heaters, including diesel and gasoline heaters. They offer affordable options and have gained popularity in the market.

    JP China Trade Int'l Co., Ltd: JP China Trade is a distributor of parking heaters and accessories. They work with various brands, providing customers with options to choose from.

When selecting a parking heater, it's important to consider factors such as the fuel type (diesel, gasoline, or others), power output, heating capacity, quality, warranty, and customer reviews. Conducting thorough research, reading user reviews, and comparing different models can help you find the right brand and product that suits your needs.
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Ok, it must be because I asked in a different language.
When I ask today, it suggests Webasto and Eberspächer, but not the Chinese ones.

I don’t have the paid version yet. That may be why

I just read that chatgpt from openai, also just got a plug in so it has access to the internet.

my excerpt is also from the free version. GPT 3 (the free version) still has some minor issues with languages other then english.
GPT4 does not have them any more.

Setup and learning how it works will take some time. Under no condition install it on your main system, I would recommend using it in a VM, even if it is the container version.

If you are stuck with something, maybe I can help. I didn’t use it since 0.2.0 though.

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