Status of AI personal assistant on linux distros

Hey guys
AI is getting better and better and we see them being used for many things.
google has google assistant, apple has siri and Microsoft has Cortana.

Does anyone know of an AI project aimed at linux users?
And what is your opinion on that?

If I can’t find an AI project, I’m considering making my own AI assistant.
You are welcome to give input on what direction I should take.

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Considering most linux users (especially Arch / Arch based distros) are super securtiy conscious and the whole reason they are using linux as opposed to say Windows is that they want complete control over their system without their OS making decisions for them. Incorporating AI into the mix can’t possibly be accepted well IMHO. Good luck with your project though :hugs:


what do you mean with an AI assitant?
Just a helper widget that runs for example chatGPT and can do only stuff that chatGPT in the browser also can?
Or an AI assistant that has complete access to the system and files it runs on and can also use those while assisting?

The first one would surely be nice to have, the later would be too intrusive for my personal liking, but I am pretty sure you can find Linux users that would use that, too. If it is absolutely certain that the AI runs locally, uploads nothing, and only connects to the Internet for look up tasks or tasks I tell it to do, I might try it myself. But as that might be hard to control/check there have to be good ways to control and monitor that access.

Also, I am pretty sure that in some years, AI tools are so far developed and widely used, that anyone who does not use it can’t exist on the job market anymore - so yeah, could be that even the most cautious people will have to use them. Nobody can really stop technical and societal progress.


I will try to make a simple one like the first version you refer to. And then add funtion so it can access my OS and make it like version 2 you refer to.

I think it’s about embracing the technology.
I use e.g. 5-10 min using chat gpt, researching topics that I used to spend 2-4 hours.

There is mycroft.

While I am definitely in the security/privacy crowd myself. There are many Linux users who are not.

In general, there is demand for these tools on Linux platforms the same as other platforms.


I also care about security and privacy.

But after I have spent time installing a custom rom on my android, and all sorts of other things about my computers. Then I realized that it is a battle we as consumers have lost.

I have a friend who works with IT in a telephone company. ISP, and phone companies mine your data and sell that knowledge. Around 40-60% of their income comes from the sale of customers’ private data.

I have therefore given up on private life on my computers. However, I do not use Microsoft products. Just on principle.

I think that a good AI can really give Linux a boost. there are plenty of people who are not comfortable using a terminal. And this is where AI can be a huge help.

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I’ve not tried it (this weekend’s exercise), but Bavarder (flatpak or in the AUR) looks good. Type in one box, get a response from ChatGPT in another. No unnecessary fluff or asking for a kidney before it responds.

Edge also has “Get AI-powered answers from any web page or PDF” in its sidebar, if you do want to donate a kidney to Microsoft. (At least they are clear about that: “Allow Microsoft to access your browser web content to enable chat responses about your web page, select text for editing assistance, generate page summaries and more.”)

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I’m looking for something I can edit myself, and add functions, and a custom chat gpt prompt.
I’ll report back a little later this weekend when I’ve got a basic version up and running.

Hi @culcal

This is a very interesting topic. I posted something similar while ago.
I believe first start looking if there are any apps around you can use (and share with me please) or perhaps doing a little script that takes your input/questions and pass it to Chat GPT and get the answer, but what’s the point in doing the same that you can do in a browser!

What I personally think AI is a natural development, it is just another one step forward.
There were no personal computers, then they came, then came the internet, then here comes AI as the others came.

I will appreciate hearing from you, I tried to install Chat GPT locally on my machine but it was so advanced for me! I wanted just to try it on my machine, let it remember our conversations, let it scan.scrape all the files I have and answer me and perhaps go seek info on the web.

I will be glad to hear from you.
Thank you

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It’s not an AI but tuxi can search from the terminal

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It’s a bummer tuxi was abandoned, seemed like a cool idea.

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I haven’t found any useful apps. The ones I came across are paid and simply copies of ChatGPT with additional features and prompts.
I struggle with coding, but I can program similar functions found in those apps within 4-6 hours.

The best solution I’ve discovered so far is to develop my own AI using Python. There are numerous AI-related libraries and modules available for utilization.
For instance, there’s a library called “os” that grants your AI assistant access to your computer and allows it to execute scripts in the terminal.
The advantage of having ChatGPT locally on my machine is the ability to personalize it, much like .bashrc or .zshrc.

Defining a ChatGPT prompt through a browser is excessively time-consuming. Having it local simplifies the process and facilitates the use of a configuration file for easy maintenance.

If you’re interested, I can assist you in setting up ChatGPT locally on your computer.
It seems you may have overlooked defining your chat prompt and other settings.

These only need to be defined once, and if you desire additional functionalities, you can simply define a new prompt.

I envision an AI project akin to i3wm, dwm, or other window managers. It would comprise a collection of tools that enable users to create their own AI.

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I have looked for similar projects before. The plan is for that function to be coded into my AI at some point.

I think I spend an enormous amount of time on google search. And much of what comes up is not usable. Therefore, Tuxi seems like a good project. too bad it has been abandoned.

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Not specifically for Linux users as such, but a general AI search engine optimized for development related tasks

No sign up required as of posting this. If you enable “Use best model”, it uses GPT4 behind the scenes.

I personally found Phind to be much better than ChatGPT for development related questions. Sure, it can’t “talk” to you like ChatGPT does, but that also means Phind will nearly never make up information like ChatGPT does. Another good feature - Phind gives you references so that you can check whether the information presented is correct or not.

Do note, I don’t know whether Phind fits into your security/privacy requirements. Make your own informed choice before using it.


I just tried Phind, with my init.lua neovim configurations file.

It comes with much better and relevant answers. It is easier to understand.

But Chat gpt is also only interesting as long as it is kept secret how they made chat gpt.
As soon as they reveal how they have made chat gpt, I am sure we will see better and more functional AI’s.

I have to make a fast food restaurant soon. And I hope I can automate some things using AI.
Eg. entries in spreadsheets, accounting and bookkeeping. Otherwise, I’m out of ideas right now for what I can use AI for in a restaurant.


Thank you @culcal for this generous wonderful offer. Let me think about it as I told you I tried but found it requiring a lot of work. Just give me some time as I am busy with some other stuff.

Yes, it seems to me that Python is the answer. Python has a lot to offer.

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I’ve seen about ColossalAI:
Its chat here:
It’s open source and has more clarity about its training data. The problem is that it’s not as complete as ChatGPT and some of its response may be offensive to some people (even with the filter, it’s still incomplete tho).

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This can perform various tasks(even install software, so only use it in a vm or container), also afaik you can hook it up to some AI voice synth and give voice commands too. I have tried it for some light web scrapping tasks, it was okay. Told it to write some python script, it managed to do some ‘draft’ quality stuff. This was like 3 weeks ago, 0.3.0 supposed to be a lot better.

You need an openai api key, which costs money, from my testing it’s around 50 cent/hour. I see big potential in these tools, I’m just waiting for gpt4 api access, gpt 3.5 is a bit too dumb for my needs right now.

There are lot of these kinds of self prompting tools on the web, but this is the one I found that works okay from command line and uses programs by itself, if you managed to set up it’s memory(redis, pinecone etc.), your docker/podman or python modules for vm it’s really easy to use.

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No want or need on my end. If I wanted those things, Google is killing it. I’d just use that.

Flip side, since you said you also do custom phone roms.

There’s a MASSIVE need for an Android auto replacement on Graphene and Calyx OS. If you’re the developer type and looking for a project in need.

Thank you @natsumeshokogami for your post and for the link (though it is down at the moment)

This is new! But what do you think about “offensive” responses? I do not say yes it is OK, but I see it as “more human” (unfortunately). Some times real people can be offensive, right? Would this mean that this AI is much closer to human “thinking” and behaviour"? Would this mean it is “smarter” than other AI bots?

I want to stress I do not support anybody or anything to be offensive, I am just thinking loud, practically what would getting offensive responses really mean technically!