Status bar glyphs too small

So after my new intsall the the glyphs in my (slstatus/dwm) bar have shrunk in the wash. Same config files before and after. I’ve tried looking elsewhere but can’t find how or where to start troubleshooting this. Was wondering if some kind soul could give me some pointers? TIA.

glyphs before

glyphs after

Not sure where this post belongs but I’ll put it here as it might get more footfall than if i post it under DWM (Admins, feel free to move it)

Did you install some new fonts recently, or changed the font in your bar?
Had something similar happen to me in i3 once, and it was because of a font

It’s a completely fresh install and have re-installed nerd-font-complete (as I believe that’s where they are from).

Try changing that to eliminate that package.

What do you mean by “change”? If I remove the nerd-fonts there is still a glyph present but it’s also very small (presumably it’s picking something up from font-awesome?).

EDIT: ah, okay. I removed nerd-fonts and some of the glyphs have resized correctly. I did like the “arch” glyph but I guess I can pick something to replace it, if I can’t get to the bottomg of the issue with nerd-fonts.

This’ll do for now… :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks all.

new glyphs


Just a thought. I only use font awesome fonts.

Yeah, removing nerd-fonts and leaving only font-awseome installed was the workaround I opted for. I lost the “Arch” glyph though…

arch glyph

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Try here?

AUR package seems actively maintained.