Static Noise from Sound Card Input

All 3 inputs if my motherboard’s sound card have this very annoying static noise whether I use Line In, Rear Mic and Front Mic. Everything is fine on the output and with my USB mic. I am using PipeWire.

Will this help ?



It looks like issue is due to power saving feature which I knew by reading some articles.

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I’m not sure what the cause of your problems is. All I can say is I had a problem with a crackling microphone, which I solved by buying a second-hand discrete sound card at EUR 13. I also found that the crackling itself was caused by a faulty microphone cable. Before installing the sound card the slightest crackle was amplified beyond control and effectively cancelled out any useful sound input. The thread is here: Crackling microphone

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Maybe you try the noise-suppression-for-voice in the AUR.

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For me, it’s the input not the output unlike those articles.

Thank you, I should probably check on windows and see if I have the same issue then it would be the sound card. I haven’t booted it in a while.

That sounds like a good idea if I can select the proper source.

So far, what I am doing is is set the volume to base in pavucontrol and it is reduced while still being there, but we can hear the input.

@zangoku , @ricklinux

Will this be useful ?

The first link is what I am doing to reduce it which is to set the volume to base, but the noise is still present just a lot less prominent. As for the second that is pulseaudio, but @ricklinux did share a pipewire way.

Nonetheless, thank you for your help!