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Hello guys i am a newbie and i am trying to customize my endeavour. I installed dwm on this thing and my de is xfce. I need to set up picom and feh but i don’t know where to put the shell scripts. Can you help me at where to put the shell scripts?

Hello and welcome,

Look at the xfce doc for the autostart :

Thank you for your answer. But that didn’t fix my issue. I am using dwm and i want that when i log into dwm it runs my commands. The link you sent was for XFCE but not dwm.

Hello @panzer,
Use AUTOSTART patch. As you know in DWM almost all customization is done by recompiling.
It all depends how you installed DWM and there is always more than one way to do it.
I took this one: [](
cd dwm-flexipatch
Set patches to “1” you need in patches.def.h.

marking AUTOSTART patch
  • This patch will make dwm run “~/.local/share/dwm/” and
  • “~/.local/share/dwm/ &” before entering the handler loop. One or
  • both of these files can be ommited. Note the path inside .local/share rather
  • than the original ~/.dwm folder.
    #define AUTOSTART_PATCH 1

sudo make install
The newly compiled dwm should be copied to /usr/local/bin
~/.local/share/dwm/ I tested with
feh --bg-fill ~/Pictures/wallpapers/default.jpg

Hello @eso .
Thanks for your solution. I am curious about that if i sudo make clean install will my old dwm config get deleted? If it gets deleted, how can i make that it doesn’t?

No idea. But first I installed the preferred way under ~/.suckless dwm st dmenu and haven’t learned
how to patch the suckless way from diff files.
lives parallel with .suckless. I do not see conficting config files. I’m still learning dwm.
Rename the directory containing your values.

Hello again @eso .
I made the patch and unfortunately, my old config file was gone. But i can cofigure the new one. The thing i need to say that is i don’t have dwm directory in my .local/share/ directory. Should i make a new one myself?

Meanwhile I tested autostart in manual patch mode from

cd .suckless/dwm
patch -p1 < dwm-autostart-20210120-cb3f58a.diff 
sudo make clean install

mkdir .dwm
and put the there . Works like a charm.
feel how manual patching works

Thank you so much @eso . Your solution fixed my issue. i made a new file and it runs perfectly.

@panzer Close this case pls by marking somehow as Solution. (It’s not mine. I only tested what Derek Taylor published some years ago.)
Far from evangelizing “nimdow is like dwm without patching – that suck less” with a more readable config.toml

exec = [
  "xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr",
  "feh --bg-fill ~/Pictures/wallpapers/default.jpg"

You said your DE is Xfce, I thought you used Xfce+dwm as window manager.

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