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How does Endeavour manage command line startup apps. I have a cl calander app, (calcurse), that does not show up in tweak program which is usually how I add a startup apps.

I think you could make a desktop entry for it and put it in /home/$USER/.config/autostart.

Please have a look at:

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Yes. I am trying that. I was just about to reboot, and see if it works.

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I used the below text and it did not startup. Guess I have more research to do.

[Desktop Entry]

Give the full path to the executable.

Or add the path to the folder in which the executable is run


above the Exec line. Replace the path with the actual path. Try and see if it will work.

I used

which calcurse

and result was


I assume that s the full path, though it still did not work.

There is a typo: user >> usr

I managed to get a little farther by making an autostart for yay updating and changing the appropriate entries so it would open calcurse. I get a terminal window, but the command stops saying it s read only.

This is what the .desktop file looks like

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Terminal Calander App
Exec=bash -c “echo ‘==> calcurse’”

Screw it. I just added calcurse to the end of bashrc. When I click terminal icon it opens calcurse. I can still run another instance of terminal if I need one as calcurse will only run one instance, so it s all good.

your telling bash only to echo the command its not executing it.

first try putting this into your desktop

That worked. Maybe you can enlighten me as to why a TryExec, and an Exec was necessary?

Thanks. I don t quite understand wtf TryExec is used for beside maybe checking if app is installed, but in my case it works with just the Exec command.

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