Start up on a desktop does not work propperly

good day dear eos-friends,

well from time to time it takes some time untill the desktop starts
and besides this - i somethimes do not have any singal on the hdmi - that connects the 40 inch screen _( HP omen)

does this have any thing to do with the bios here

can i do some thing here - should i!?

look forward to hear from you

Hi, I have no idea what your problem may be but to help others post some system information, you can find information here to help you do this.
Also you should change categories to something more relevant as this is more than likely not a pacman issue.

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hi there - many thanks for the hints. I will digg deeper into all that tomorrow moring. I think that you have a valid point - with the pacman category. Thanks - i will do collect more data and infos.

I am loving this forum -is a great place. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome

Yes it definitely is, part of what helped me to engage in the first place was just how supportive and friendly the majority of people are