Standby, Sleep, Hibernate ... Didn't work very well

Hello everyone, I would ask a question, maybe I’m not the only one with thooses kind of problems.

My sleep/hibernation mode didn’t work so well… In fact, when I wake up the computer, I’ve got a lot of issues appearing …

After I enter my code in the SDDM screen of KDE, Generaly my desktop is broken.
At best : Black screen instead of wallpaper (Please note I use SmartVideoWallpaper plugin !)
But at worst, and most of the time, KDE is broken. Only active windows if opened is still working. Otherwise, black screen, frozen icons, frozen menus, nothing respond…

IF I open “System Monitor” and I choose to KILL plasmashell process, then after some seconds the system is coming back to life !

Question : Is this a known bug ?
AND, Is it possible to create a small script or something like that, that kill and restore the plasmashell process in case of a wakeup ?

Thanks a lot for your knowledges :wink:

My last Inxi

Did you install with swap and hibernation? Maybe this helps you set up the nvidia power management.

These errors in KDE is one of the reasons I left it. So far, the only DE I’ve used that seems to handle sleep correctly is Xfce. Cinnamon was just as buggy, with constant coredumps with the screensaver/lock programs.

I don’t use hibernate with Linux.

I do use Kde but don’t usually ever install with hibernation

I will give a try :wink:

Try this: Plasma session goes blackout after leaving it AFK (workaround exists) - #19 by

Try changing TTY back and forth, slowly, sometimes helps:

Try this (for hibernation): Plasma session goes blackout after leaving it AFK (workaround exists) - #27 by