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What is the default clipboard in cinnamon?

Not sure if Cinnamon has a default clipboard manager.
There is however parcellite that I have used in the past when using Cinnamon.

I use " CopyQ " under Cinnamon.

In my opinion the best clipboard manager.

Are you asking about the default clipboard manager or the default clipboard buffer?

For the first, Cinnamon does not come with a clipboard manager installed by default. There are some clipboard managers you can install on Cinnamon, as already said from the other users. I prefer Parcellite to CopyQ, but I guess it is a matter of personal preferences.

As for the used clipboard buffers, the primary buffer is used when text is selected and shift + insert¹ is used; the clipboard buffer is used when text is copied from the graphics interface.


¹ The shortcut can be set to different keys.

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Thanks to all. That helps me