Stacer flagged of of date

Today while updating my system using yay, I received a message about Stacer, see below:

[john@red ~]$ yay -Syu
[sudo] password for john: 
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 endeavouros is up to date
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
:: Searching AUR for updates...
:: Searching databases for updates...
 -> Flagged Out Of Date AUR Packages: stacer
 there is nothing to do

I thought running yay would also update AUR packages, or is there something that I did wrong.


The message just means that the package stacer is no longer being maintained, currently. That may change in a while, or not.

Nothing else, no need to worry. If you need it, it will probably keep working, as is. If you don’t need it, you could delete it. :wink:

does say it all :wink: it is marked out of date at the AUR page… but yay can not do anything as long as maintainer is updating the PKGBUILD :wink:

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yay -Rc stacer && yay -S stacer-bin

…might help! :v:

it is only a warning as long as it works for you … ignoring this is possible too :wink:
there is also a git version… as latest release:

is 1.1.0 so it seems sources are not out of date could be the flag is about something in the build ?

Still trying to learn all about arch/aur I see that stacer is no longer maintained. I guess the best thing to do is remove stacer.

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it is maintained… see here at the source of it:
there is no commit since last year indeed… but it is also completed and working or not? it happens on feature complete apps that maintainment simply stale on fixing things only … but strange thing is that last release is from 2019 :wink:

But as i said if it is working and helpful for you keep it.

It might be a better alternative to run it as AppImage if some future updates to libraries or else would break it. Perhaps? :thinking:

stacer-bin is status “orphan”, i.e. not maintained but newer (v. 1.1.0-5).

stacer-git gets the latest available source, but the source code hasn’t been updated in about 10 months.

See this:

Decided to stay with stacer-bin. Thanks for all on there input.


Is there any alternative to stacer?

I am still using stacer-bin with no problems, but you may want to check the EOS Wiki under the video tutorials. I have provided a link to the videos which may be helpful, but may not do all functions.

EOS - Wiki

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