SSH via USB-C in RPI4

Hi all, I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but is there a way for me to ssh via USB in my RPI4? I have setup a headless system on my RPI4 and wanted to be able to connect to it without needing an Ethernet cable.

I was able to get this working previously on an RPI Zero with Raspbian. I can’t seem to find any relevant information for doing this with Arch Linux ARM. If this is possible, I would appreciate some help on setting it up :smiley:



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Does this help?

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This is what I did for my RPI0 before. But from the guide, cmdline.txt in my RPI4 is missing, so I guess that only works for Raspbian?

It depends on what software is used to connect the computer to network using USB.

As long as you have the Raspberry Pi USB-C port connected to the Raspberry Pi power supply, it would be difficult to do.

However, I have heard of people connecting the RPi 4 USB-C port to the USB-C port of another computer, say a desktop. Then the RPi 4 USB-C port would function for both data and power from the “Mother” computer. I assume they are using SSH to communicate, but I have not tried this. The “Mother” computer would have to be powered up to use the RPi 4. Plus you would be able to communicate only with the “Mother” computer.

I have also heard of people using the RPi 4 built in WiFi for communication with other computers on the network that have WiFI. Again, I am assuming they are using SSH, and again I have not tried this.

If you want to try either of the above suggestions, duckduckgo would be your friend.