SSD not showing up, Unable to create a mount point

Hello, I’ve been having some issue for a while now. Kept trying to make it work with chatgpt but to no avail. So I am back to the forum!

I cleaned out my ssd and changed the filesystem to ext4. But now I can’t seem to mount it.
When I use sudo blkid my ssd doesn’t show up.

I then try to sudo mkdir /mnt/ssd to create a mount point. But it keep making a folder inside my first ssd with the os inside of it.

when I use lsblk I do see both of my ssds in there. sda disk and sdb disk. When I made the mount points with sudo mkdir it did show the correct directory under sdb1. But the folder was again inside my first ssd and not my second one. It doesn’t even show up under devices in thunar.

I also tried using sudo nano /etc/fstab to assign the UUID i got previously when it did mount but that also does nothing. I wiped any previous steps to start from scratch agian.

I’m honestly frustrated at this point and not sure how to continue from here.

Summarized : Can’t get my second SSD mounted

Show the output of sudo blkid

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Here is the screenshot,

Is /dev/sdb the SSD that you can’t seem to mount?

Yes, that should be my second ssd. I do see that I might’ve glanced over it on the second line. It should be the ssd that doesn’t contain endeavour os.

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt and show the output of df -h after

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Says mount point doesn’t exist.

make a mount point in your home folder so: mkdir ~/ssd and mount it there: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /home/yourusername/ssd


I just did that and the ssd showed up in devices in thunar!

Is the device an external ssd ?

No internal. When it was working just fine I didn’t had the unmount button and the ‘‘ssd’’ label show up. When I click it just puts me to ‘‘1,0 TB Volume’’

If it’s internal then it’s best to mount it using fstab.

First unmount the device:
sudo umount ~/ssd

and add the following line to your /etc/fstab:

UUID=the uuid of the device /home/YOURUSERNAME/ssd ext4 rw,relatime,nofail,user 0 2

Then test if everthing works fine with sudo mount -a If it works it’s safe to reboot if not DON’T reboot.

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That seemed to work! Thanks!
I do notice that I am unable to make any folders inside of it when right clicking. It is all greyed out. And steam doesn’t seem to see the drive when trying to add it.

EDIT : I changed premission withsudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername /path/to/your/ssd

Honestly that pretty much fixed the whole issue. I won’t keep you any further! Thanks for the help big time! @BendTheKnee

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