Spotube - open-source spotifyclient

Open source Spotify client that doesn’t require Premium nor uses Electron! Available for both desktop & mobile!
I don’t have a spotify account. But maybe it is useful for someone

Maybe I’ll give the app a try.

It was very buggy when I tried it. On my phone I use newpipe and innertune.

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As I said, I have never used the app. I just read about it in an article in my newsfeed.
Just wanted to hear other opinions. Thank you very much!

On my Android a also use newpipe. Never heard of innertune

I tried spot tube for a couple days. Maybe it’s gotten better, I will give it another shot. But it was just too slow for me. It felt like everything was going through like many layers of checks before it would allow it to play.


To listen to music, I mainly use RadioParadise or Morow. Otherwise a few soundcloud playlists if it’s about bass and drum.

It can’t hurt to try something different :wink:

I thought Spotube used Newpipe under the hood, no?

It’s definitely not using Spotify API, I just don’t remember if it uses the work of Newpipe/Piped or just plain YouTube API.

Edit: @fbodymechanic that’s probably why you experienced it being slow btw. Afaik it just parses playlists etc from Spotify, then fetches the actual audio from YouTube (so there are “layers” indeed)

I have no idea.

If I’m going to use youtube anyways - I use this:

I’m working on my collection and eventually I’ll just be on strawberry :slight_smile: