Spotify songs greyed out

hello, i’m having this issue right here, many random songs are greyed out as if they are country-blocked or something like that, but they are not.

running spotify both on application or on browser keep the same songs unplayable. on my phone they play as they should

this seems to be something related to arch distributions. check here

tried to solve it by installing qt4 but no joy :frowning:

I notice in the screenshot shown in the github discussion that all of the songs marked with an E (for explicit content) are greyed out, but no other songs. Is the same true in your situation?

Is Spotify configured on your phone to allow explicit content, but configured on your Linux computer to block explicit content?

I have no issues playing these. I don’t think it’s the explicit content. It’s most likely the OP has an ad blocker or something.

On the other hand, I can replicate the screenshot in the github discussion simply by turning on the Explicit Content blocker in Spotify settings:

Didn’t know it had that setting. Don’t pay much attention as i don’t usually play music that requires that!

Edit: The setting is set on allowed on mine.

The song selection in your screenshot doesn’t include any explicit content, so no song would be greyed out, no matter what the setting.

I wasn’t looking for one. I was looking for the setting and yes that’s what it does. Never played with these settings ever before.

Edit: The only way i would have noticed this setting is if it wasn’t playing songs and i started checking the settings. :wink:

OH MY GOD, it was this all along, cannot believe, it’s been a struggle for days.

i haven’t disabled the explicit content before, but it was disabled anyway. thank you so much

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