Spotify Ad Blocking πŸ’œ

If you use any version of the Spotify desktop application with a free account and are sick and tired of the ads, look no further. Enjoy.

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Alternatively, uninstall/remove the desktop client and use Spotify in your browser with uBlock. One less app/tracker on your device to worry about.


Same setup but i complete it with :slight_smile:

It’s certainly a great option, but I can’t for the life of me find enjoyment of using music apps in browser. Always prefer dedicated apps if available.

That’s a pretty neat concept. I will give this a go.

I get that. Like if I am playing music at a low volume and I also want to watch a stream in the same browser, controlling the audio from PulseAudio just won’t work - I would actually have to go to the individual browser tabs. ← This can be mitigated by using two different browsers, of course.

But aside from that, the only downside (for me) would be if I had Spotify premium and tried to get the best quality audio through my web browser.