Spelling error in the Welcome app

I would like to report a spelling / grammar error in the French version of the Welcome program, version 3.16.9-1, of the XFCE version of Endeavor OS. The error is on the button that takes the user to the EndeavorOS software news page.

First, the spelling of the word software in french is incorrect; we say logiciel (it’s a masculine word; logiciels in plural).
Second, we must put a preposition between Nouvelles and logiciel; preposition which will be here in the plural because it deals with several software related to Endeavour OS. So it’s gonna be “des”.

To correctly say it, we must say “Nouvelles des logiciels” and not “Nouvelles logicielles”. Or better: “Nouvelles du système” to be more global and since Endeavor is an operating system.

Best regards. :wink:


Just found a typo :laughing:

It’s logiciels

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Please create a Pull Request :wink:

Oh, Thanks :smiley:

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Thanks for your answer, but I’m just an average user. I came here in the first place because I don’t know how to handle this kind of documents / scripts and submit them.

Thanks for the report! :smile:

@FredBezies has done our French translations, hopefully he sees this now and has time to handle it.

Oh mon Dieu! Une erreur? :rofl: Zut Alors!

Ok, thank you.
I didn’t know Fred was contributing too.
I use to watch Fred’s peertube channel and read his weblog, it’s very instructive and useful.

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I just did a git clone, and will do a git commit/push, my first contribution to EOS! assuming Fred is not faster than me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks! Always great to see contributions! :sweat_smile:

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just one question, I did edit the file and a git commit. After that do I need to do a git push? I am in the eos-translations directory.

edit: not sure, I can’t git push because I am not a developer of this project. I guess I must do a git pull request, not enought versed in git…

Well, I was busy with something else. This is the kind of typo that are hard to find!

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just a question, do I need to really fork the project to be able to contribute to do a pull request?

found these instructions:


That would be a good opportunity to contribute in the future If I can/find something

edit: ok forked, committed, and pushed, just learned something. Hopefully that was correct. created the pull request. That was all new to me, as I never forked.

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yes looks perfect!
And you can also simply start editing and it will fork on its own, and after your PR is merged you can remove the fork again …

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Merged, thanks! :sweat_smile:

And the new version 1.1.43-1 should be on mirrors soon.

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On ne peut pas être au four et au moulin ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Is that something that would be preferred? I don’t want to look like I am forking EOS and trying to make a new distro, this is well beyond my pedigree :sweat_smile:

Just seems easy, in case I can contribute something, I can git pull on my computer and the fork is directly linked to EOS, and when I push it goes to my repo, and can make a pull request. Hopefully I haven’t misunderstood too much how git works. I need to learn this more since I am planning on contributing code in the future (including/mostly on other scientific projects).

basically it works like so… if you clone your fork it is connected to your fork.
But if you keep the fork and want to PR later on the same repo you will need to update with original repo before that, so it is more easy and clean to remove your fork after PR and if you want to contribute again you fork again…

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OK thanks!

Edit: well the only way to unfork was to remove the forked repo. Not sure this is effective, since the remote repo was linked to the forked one (following the tutorial I linked above) and update was one command away, git pull pulled from eos, git push pushed to the forked repo on my github account. Now my local folder cannot be used to push changes/commit changes. Not sure how it would create a fork each time I push a change. I will have to read up more about git.

Just wondering if it would make sense for a mini tutorial/how to contribute to eos on github and best practice. If not already in our wiki list.