Speech-to-text integration without a full desktop environment?

While there are speech to text engines listed on sites like this, or this.

I miss something simple that can activate/deactivate speech with commands that can be controlled from a window manager.

Are there tools out there that can integrate speech to text for lightweight window managers?

Note that I’ve developed something that does this by piping together commands but it feels like I’m probably reinventing the wheel.

Edit, I’ve updated the readme with installation instructions, link to the project above.



find it :wink:

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Thanks, none of these seem to do what I’m looking for, which is a hint (I suppose?) that I could develop/release it for others to use.


Wayland support (this should be quite simple to support and mainly relies on a replacement for xdotool).

Try maybe


It seems very nice! I didn’t try it for long but It’s seems useful!

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Yes, I just didn’t get around to it yet (detecting wayland/x11… testing that it works as expected etc).

Although I have added user-configurable text manipulation for users to implement their own replacements or even custom actions (without having to edit the source code).

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Update: here is a video demoing nerd-dictation Nerd Dictation for Linux