Speech dispatcher on and typing lag

Since the last few days I am having 2 problems when using the i3 on EOS.

  1. The machine is telling me non-stop that the speech dispatcher is working.
    2.Typing suffers from lag. I type things and it takes time before it appears on the screen.

Any advice with both issues?

you have installed some impared vision tool?

- espeak-ng
- mousetweaks
- orca

I bet orca?


hi, thanks.
yes I have orca on my system. I am not sure when it was installed. I don’t have a need for it.
How do I get rid of it ?
why is the problem only with the i3? when using gnome there are no issues.

Gnome is a full DE handling this.

if you do not need it simply uninstall it…
yay -Rc orca speech-dispatcher

Thank you @joekamprad
I removed the orca.
Also I lost the ability to open terminal with $mod + enter

Also the welcome menu offering tht offers updating of the system is not working now.

what have you done ? remove xfce4 terminal?

yay -Qs xfce4

cat ~/.config/i3/config | grep xfce4-terminal

should show this:

➜  ~ » cat ~/.config/i3/config |  grep xfce4-terminal
bindsym $mod+Return exec xfce4-terminal

I don’t think I’ve done anything in particular.
But what actualy happens is that i get a black screen and when right click with the mouse it gives two options system setting
Budggie Desktop setting
System setting
This black screen can be quitted with $mod+q
I just wonder why is it happening and what needs to be uninstalled to stop it??

you posted here in i3 section but this is Budgie Desktop?
You have both installed and somehow it starts the budgie Desktop inside your i3 session.


has budgie entries that will get started with i3 if you have dex running…

readme give the info already to uninstall dex if you use i3 install aside with a Desktop…

Hi, @joekamprad
It sounds very strange I know, but it just all happened suddenly without me doing any particular thing(at least not consciously…)
So yeah the Budgie desktop thing was a surprise to me as well.
Thank you for your help and patienc.

so… you have or have not installed budgie ?

I saw some users installing everything from the ISO so they have all Desktops installed at the same instance… and indeed also orca and spüeech-dispatcher as there is an option to install them on the ISO too…

Just for clarification - yes I actually use the i3

That’s the strange thing

The last few days this thing with the speech dispatcher started when logging in and the black screen - it just happened. I never had a problem with it before. So I don’t know what changed.

I’ll read again the README.

I appreciate your help.