SpectrWM, polybar, Conky

Is anyone in EOS-land working with the new version of SpectrWM (3.5+)? I’m trying to get both Conky & Polybar to function correctly and only having marginal success. Any help getting either polybar or conky to function correctly on the new version of SpectrWM is most appreciated.

@manyroads Sir,

autorun = ws[1]:/home/a/.config/polybar/launch.sh
autorun = ws[1]:/home/a/.config/conky/conkylaunch.sh

I used mostly the config files of Derek Taylor. polybar
The simple default conky appears only in floating mode, so 2 MOD+space were needed.
The full copies are not welcome here. I’m ready to answer your questions if I’m able to.


Can you share how things are called from within your spectrwm.conf? Call to polybar, conky, etc.


Some lines from .spectrwm.conf

autorun = ws[1]:nitrogen --restore
autorun = ws[1]:picom
autorun = ws[1]:/home/a/.config/polybar/launch.sh
layout		= ws[1]:0:0:0:0:horizontal_flip
autorun = ws[1]:/home/a/.config/conky/conkylaunch.sh

launch.sh #polybar

# Terminate already running bar instances
killall -q polybar
# If all your bars have ipc enabled, you can also use
# polybar-msg cmd quit
# Launch Polybar, using default config location ~/.config/polybar/config.ini
polybar example 2>&1 | tee -a /tmp/polybar.log & disown
echo "Polybar launched..``

conkylaunh.sh the same melody

# Terminate already running conky instances
killall -q conky
# Launch conky, using default config location ~/.config/conky/conky.conf
conky 2>&1 | tee -a /tmp/conky.log & disown
echo "Conky launched..."

Instead of polybar I prefer the built-in and customized actionbar

Edit2: @manyroads
I tried to understand why polybar with spectrwm? Someone said: ‘the best of both worlds’

or so.
Here is a rudimentary set of config files accessible until Jan 7 2024. Works but needs polishing.
Side note: the conky I tried has ‘memory leakage’ / eats up memory.

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