Spectacle copied image not pasting

I did a screenshot of a rectangular portion using spectacle and copied it to the clipboard it shows in the list of clipboard .but when I press ctrl+v image is not getting pasted anywhere. Using dell Inspiron 3593 intel i5.

Welcome to the forum. Where are you trying to paste this picture?

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Works for me, therefore not a bug.

Yup, that’s me being short because assumptions were made and the wrong category was used.
Try posting in the correct category, and add machine information and log files.

i captured screenshot and copied it to clipboard in spectacle.copied image is shown in clipboard list,but ctrl+v is not pasting the image in docx file etc… but other images from internet i am able to copy and paste them

Can you let us know what specific application you are pasting into? There are many applications that can open a docx file.

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https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/onlyoffice-bin/ -this one,and i could not paste in web.whatsapp.com also.but images copied from web can be pasted.this spectacle is not working well.

I’m almost certain this is a behaviour of the application you are pasting into, not an issue with Spectacle.

Web browsers, for example, sometimes do not let a webpage access the image data in your clipboard for security reasons (this can be disabled, but we need to know which browser you’re using).

If you’re using KDE Plasma as your desktop environment, try installing KolourPaint (a very simple image editor)

sudo pacman -S kolourpaint

and pasting an image from clipboard into it.

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Hi welcome to the forum :wave: :enos_flag:

Spectacle works for me. I am able to copy images to clipboard and paste them in OnlyOffice, and other web pages that support pasting images - including web.whatsapp.com.

I usually use flameshot, that also works great - but does not pull down lots of dependencies. :wink:

Edit : Are you using KDE? Take a look at this thread :point_down:

issue resolved it didnot work earlier.later it is fine now.did nothing. tq for all replies

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