Specific mouse sensitivity in a specific app

Hello! I am looking for a way to set specific mouse sensitivity for certain apps (ex. 1.0 sens. in general (anywere except firefox), 1.5 sens. in firefox; 1000dpi in general, 1500dpi in firefox). Searched the web for ideas but didn’t found anything. Is it even, theoretically, possible?

It might be possible if you have some process monitoring the window you’re currently hovering over then adjusting mouse speed accordingly. That’s also only going to work under X.

Could be an interesting little script using e.g. xprop.

Possible by https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/IMWheel

That appears to be a tool for configuring a mouse scroll wheel.

I haven’t seen an app like that. But like jonathon said you could create a script based on active window or window class or title found with xprop then change mouse properties using xinput or xset. If your scripting knowledge is not up to it you could just set up a couple of hotkeys with preset levels using xinput or xset


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