Soundcard-based modems in 2024

A curiousity question…
I have a couple of older laptops running Linux which are also equipped with soundcard-based modems (winmodems). Back in the day, I would have used the ‘slmodem’ package or the Conexant proprietary drivers.

So, I was wondering, are there any solutions like these which still work with a modern kernel on an amd64 system?



I don’t think that the slmodem package is available anymore. I think this hardware is just too dated.

darn, was tempted to find an old laptop with a modem and setup a fax server

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I’m not 100% that it’s not doable. Maybe this helps?

Not a problem as long as it either has a serial port or a Cardbus slot. Just run a hardware modem or the PCMCIA equivalent.

The sources are still out there, but I’m not sure slmodem was ported to 64-bit and, either way, probably doesn’t support a kernel later than 3.x something or another.