Sound on live cd during installation, but no sound after installing KDE plasma

Hi, i have no sound on my KDE plasma EnOS setup. on live cd my sound was working just fine.
my pcie card: Creative Sound blaster z
alsamixer is not muted, Speaker profile is switched to Headphones. Running latest kernel, Plasma, And everything is up to date. Can someone please solve this mystery with me?(btw. onboard audio is workinh just fine)

maybe under audio settings change the default audio device or make sure plasma-
nm is installed.


Edit2: Welcome @Amachikk
You said onboard audio is working. So is the creative sound blaster the only audio device. Or is there onboard audio chip also? Iā€™m not totally understanding if onboard audio is working and you have speaker profile set to headphones is there no sound coming from head phones? Your topic says no sound on after installing but works on live. Please explain a little more. What is the hardware?

Post the hardware output link.

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog

Edit3: I think you have to switch speakers (lineout) to headphones in alsamixer to get sound to headphones if that is what the issue is?

This is nothing to do with your issue. Just wanted to say welcome to eos and the forum.

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