Sonarr/sabnzbd i got myself stuck

hi all

i have managed to install sonarr and sabnzbd to where it shows the setup page in the browser. having moved from windows to EOS i thought to backup my previous sonarr setup thinking that i could just import it back. i was able to import it back but on opening it again i suppose it was checking the import or verifying everything is correct, but then it came up with a error of “is not a valid *nix path. paths must start with / Parameter name: path”

so then i thought ok so i need to edit the path , i been trying to find what i need to edit the db file assuming that is where i need to edit. i couldn’t come right with that so then i thought ok well let me remove sonarr thinking it would also remove the sonarr backup that i imported but no it is still there. so then i thought ok let me just delete the folder myself but then the owner is set as sonarr so then i looked up on changing the owner/permissions i have tried chown and chmod ran --help on both they don’t seem to be the right command.

what i have learnt so far is to start sonarr/sabnzb as it installs as a service i have been using command systemctl enable appname and systemctl disable … and systemctl restart …

so what i’m thinking to do is just to start from the beginning of the install and not to use my backup … unless there is a easy way to edit that file

sorry about the long post

I moved from Windows to Docker and I remember googling around and the results not looking good.

As a result I started from scratch, but used the import function in sonarr so it was relatively painless.

yeah i was just about to post that it seems it cant be done the way we need it to be done on the wiki i found it says

" Restoring to an OS that uses different paths won’t work (Windows to Linux, Linux to Windows, Windows to OS X or OS X to Windows), moving between OS X and Linux may work, since both use paths containing / instead of \ that Windows uses, but is not supported." sonarr Backup-and-Restore

so i guess i will have to add everything from the beginning … no big thing tho

what nice is that iam learning so much all at once hehehe

ok had to do everything again and i lift the folders as default so i going to have to change how i do things but oh well

edit 2;
now i getting access issues for the folders
ive done so much reading my eyes are bleeding lol