Sometimes yay gives me "error: failed to write to pipe (Channel break)"

every now and then (not very often), when doing a regular system update though yay, I get error: failed to write to pipe (Channel break) (with the word “error” being coloured in red). I’m not using English on my system, so the error message is an approximate translation, and might not be 100% exact (though I tried to be as exact as I could). This error usually happens after a kernel is updated through dracut. I found some similar errors on the internet, but they happened a bit differently than it does in my case, and the error messages were a bit different too, so I decided to ask here to be sure.

what is this about and what do I do with it? :thinking:

Have a look here: Error message "broken pipe" during system update

thanks, I’ll try this next time this error happens, hopefully it works

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Also a tips regarding terminal output.

If you want to get them in English for posting on the forum, you could prefix a command with LANG=C.


LANG=C sudo pacman -Syu
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I know… I’m just not used to doing this for a regular system update, hah
but perhaps I should try for now

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thereare pipeines that direct video and audio. these are high end, well programpmed and good for all types of hardware. You ill probably be relating this info from an LLVM pipeline from a 7XX Nvidia card. Can I get the specifications of your setup please?

well I’ve got amd.
what exactly do you need them for? o:
and which exact specs? I don’t like sharing what’s not needed, plus not sure what to share

I am actually not confident there is an issue here requiring regeneration of the initramfs. I have been waiting for it to happen to me so I could validate that. I think that error may be occurring after the generation finishes.

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