Sometimes, Lightdm blinks after auto sleep

After the update on Monday or Tuesday (I forgot…), sometimes lightdm starts to blink after a xfce auto sleep. So my system (xfce4) have been pre configured to auto sleep after some period of time. If I move my mouse or press the keyboard, it triggers the system to wake up and present lightdm password dialog, but the screen starts to blink and I can’t input any word. Does anyone have the same problem? How can I solve it?

This issue is being discussed here:


This happened to me today when I tried logging in after suspending my session. I decided to just start typing my password, even while the screen was blinking, and hit enter. Lightdm indicated that I had entered the password incorrectly…but it also stopped flashing! Then I was able to enter the password and login successfully.
It’s not a solution, I guess, but a workaround.