Something that should be in xfce

I’ve been using xfce for about 2 years and a half, its lightness and ease of customization and its great stability have made it my favorite DE. But there is something that I would like to use and it is a habit that I have had since before coming to linux and it is, to be able to visualize my programs in the desktop bar “only by icons” in windows style (it seems to me that KDE has that option, or so I think). The thing is that I had very bad experience with that DE, so I discard it.

I was investigating and I got an extension created by a user, at the beginning I liked it a lot, it was what I was looking for. “Docklike-taskbar” the problem was that the developer no longer continued working on it and there are still a lot of bugs… (example: icons of programs different from the one you use, not being able to open double instance with 1 click, wine programs don’t get icon etc…)

My thought is that something that by now, almost 2022 should be included in the DE. I know there is an option to put only icons in xfce but it looks a messy way with themes(don’t know what program you are using). If someone has found a better extension, I would appreciate if you share it with me, thanks for reading this absurd amount of text.

there was a win7-taskbar was more bugged then docklike-plugin

stil… there are stil issues offcourse like using vpacman or tkpacman it doesnt atache so i have to add it in to whiskermenu favorit… i hope it comes through as standard for xfce :slight_smile:

Not used XFCE in a long time, but doesn’t dockbarx + xfce4-dockbarx-plugin do this?

na docklike-plugin :slight_smile:


only editted the panel :slight_smile:

You mean this option here?

as opposed to:


Yeah, that option, but It looks pretty good to you lol, what specific themes do you have that make you see the bottom part of the “blue” icon, It just looks black to me, so I can’t tell if the app is in use or not.

Can you explain me or do you have any video explaining how to put the panel like this? is it native to xfce or do you use some extra plug-in?

with docklike-plugin here is it purple

but you can set


active is purple

editted the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

as it , but dont lock the panel then it dont show the rounded.;

Ah, the problem is that docklike-plugin is very buggy, and the developer doesn’t work on it anymore :frowning:

its forked i believe the docklike-plugin-ng is same as te docklike-plugin in the aur and is recent… seems also xfce picked up… the other git version show a different name

there was a win7-taskbar plugin but that is death but i am not sure its death i dont believe it… and bugs wil be always there most programs works pinning except tkpacman or vpacman with the vpacman but i dont know why it dont take the desktop file properly

I’m using plank for now, it’s the most acceptable for now, and it’s aesthetically nice and doesn’t consume a lot.

one example

I’m using theme Matcha-dark-sea (from package matcha-gtk-theme). It’s the theme that adds that highlight under the active window button.

I have very good experience with xfce4-dockbarx-plugin resp. dockbarx.


It looks like this in the panel:


Or you could use Docky or Cairo dock.
I have been using Plank in the past but removed it, it tends to let icons disappear after every update.