Something I appreciate about the EOS community

This is a bit of a venting and appreciation thread for EOS and its community.

I’ve been a part of the OSS community for a long time, and one of my biggest frustrations is the clicky friend groups I seem to run into in many places of the OSS community when it comes to bug reporting or asking for help.

I find it incredibly frustrating to actively try to help fix bugs or ask for help after google foo fails me just to be completely ignored. I then run into a similar report or issue to mine with near instant response by comparison while mine goes unanswered for eternity simply because they’re a regular. If they don’t ignore you they very well may treat you like garbage or claim your issue isn’t their problem even if you can prove it. I’ve experienced this for years and seen many others experience the same and give up on OSS or if I luckily know how to help I can step in and lend a hand.

I’ve been 100% on my own so often with OSS its forced me to learn a lot of things because I’m stubborn and won’t just give up and go back to windows. This experience has been exhausting but I’ve learned a lot over the years so I can help others.

The part I want to applaud the EOS community for is not falling into that sorta behavior. I’ve had a few weird things happen on EOS so far and the community has been helpful in each one, I’ve also seen others with issues getting responses and help which is great and I haven’t encountered many unanswered cries for help.

Its communities that help each other out regardless of familiarity that helps us all grow so keep it up EOS comrades.


Hello there,

It was windows 10, 19.03 what gave a struck, so I went on a distrohopping rampage and havok, I tried Manjaro, Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, Solus, before I landed on (no pun intended) Endeavour OS.

I found the Linux Community in general to be very friendly, unlike the windows community, I have not been trolled, trashed or anything beyond the ocasional childlish behavior of some poster.

I am sorry to hear your experience has been different, and yes, EOS community has been very friendly to me, I suspect I will be travelling along for a long while.



The community can really help a distro grow and sustain its user base

Endeavour has done a great job with both the forum design and the participation of devs and other community users.

I think Endeavour has recently crossed the threshold from up and coming distro to well established as a quality product, and there are no brakes on the EOS train


Its not necessarily the community as a whole but maintainers who disregard good bug reports or ignore them entirely along with the “elites” of many communities dumping on less knowledgeable folks or people they aren’t familiar with.

I’ve had plenty of good experiences as a whole but its the issues/bugs experience that has always been terrible.

Two such example without naming/shaming are a couple bug reports I made and found the root cause of the issue. I reported to the maintainers just to be immediately dismissed and told I was wrong. One of them ended up fixing the issue based on another report in a recent release and the other issue with the other project is being fixed based on another report with the same issue/result. In both cases the other report was someone more known and I was dismissed due to being new around the projects.

My bad, I misunderstood there, and sadly, I agree with you, I also try to keep a good civil approach when reporting bugs and stuff, and I have been facewalled many times. So, yeah I can relate to that.

Funny, I tried typing facewalled and wallfaced, and they both stared back at me with a big red line, I don’t know the english expression for that.


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This is not an English word, but it still works well enough:

I like it. :grin:


Hi! It’s “Stonewalled” :wink:


Yeah, something like that, but the mexican slang ‘te topaste con pared’ implies that one’s face gets smashed on the wall. Like the american ‘faceplant’ but on a wall. :rofl:



That’s probably more accurate, but “facewalled” implies you actually walk into the wall rather than just getting stuck. :grin:

(I’m now going to start using the word “facewalled” whenever I can… let’s see how long it takes to get it into the OED. :joy:)

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My greatest experience with EOS is that I have to rarely ask for help on the official forum, and then I usually always get the right support. I think there is a simple reason for this, namely that EndeavourOs “only” works.


Happy to contribute back to the language.

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Hear hear! I ran into a problem when I used to run Sabayon, and their LO integration was at fault. I reported it , only to be told to *** off, that I was wrong, not their implementation. I went ahead and fixed it for myself, proving that there was a bug there, and reported it, then left that community, because I didn’t need any more *** in my life, thanks. Pride was their problem. I found humility, eventually, in the EnOS forums.

We don’t individually have a corner on the truth. We are not 100% right 100% of the time. That’s why we need each other.