Some Wallpapers till the Real Artists Drop By

Hey @blinky

This is my first post here. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your first wallpaper (the colorful one) from the Framapic gallery. I just registered to comment here and tell you how awesome that one is. I found it by accident after searching for EndeavourOS wallpapers on google.

I actually like it so much that I installed EndeavourOS on both my gaming laptop and my work machine. Keep up the great work and thank you!!Screenshot_2019-10-06_21-01-02



Firstly, welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy your time here and with EndeavourOS. I don’t know much about the technical side of things but if you ever need help I’m sure one of our friendly community members will help as much as they can. They’ve been very kind to me.

Secondly, What an incredibly nice thing you have done to go to all the trouble of registering to post you’re very nice compliment. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you liked my small contribution.

And thirdly, I hope you will check out the other posts in the forum for some very nice artwork to add to your desktop. Some really nice works in there!

Thanks again for taking the time to drop in and say hello and the lovely compliment! :grin:



An October journey with EndeavourOS from France :fr:.

Enjoy :rocket:





First picture Endeavour’s belly comes from
Most NASA images are in the public domain NASA’s image use policy


First of all welcome and thank you for these beautiful wallpapers.

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Hello Bryan, thank You first, for all the work done with your team.
It’s my pleasure to contribute, at little level, to this Arch way EndeavourOS.

A conky will follow this week and later another EndeavourOS wallpapers on Space history, kind of Satellite of Love for those who still remember Lou Reed :artificial_satellite:…It will be more minimalist, darker for coders who need to care about their eyes all day long on line code.

PS: Is there a way to inverse the date’s forum with the recent date first ? I didn’t find it.


The forum is build on the Discourse sofware and it doesn’t allow to change the layout of date, it is build like this.

On their website someone asked the same question but there is still no answer.

Yes, I saw that one and it’s from a year ago. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of their support. If it doesn’t fit their vision, they don’t answer and you should draw your own conclusion.

Having said that, the software is terrific, but sometimes I’d wish they would be more responsive to their users. If the answer is no, then explain it so people understand the choice.

But that’s enough of my rant on Discourse:wink:

Hey welcome!

Thank you for your wonderful contributions. For some reason the second one reminds me of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The edge of the V’ger cloud) So cool! but My fave is on my desktop:


(Sorry stuck on a Chromebook at the moment running Linux 15gb hard drive … sigh)

They are all wonderful and I hope you will continue to share your creativity with the community!

I encourage you to create a new thread for your next works (Maybe even repost these there or a Mod can help) because these are sooo wonderful and my thread is kinda old and you deserve to have all the attention to your work that 's possible.

You are MORE than welcome to continue in this thread, I’m seriously honored to have them here but I want everyone to see your work and please I hope you will browse all the other wonderful contributions from the other members of the community.

Welcome and well done!

Regards, blinky

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Hello @blinky,

Thanks for sharing your screenshot :rocket: and for your answer, I appreciate.
The Star Trek reference is nice to hear. For You to know, I used fractal soft and worked on it in a second time with texture and form to bring the feeling and sense of the JOURNEY, the one EndeavourOS will do and maybe the one Monsieur Spock did. :alien:

It’s my pleasure to post on your thread. Before to post them here, I read all the others Wallpapers threads below then Yours came as the most dedicated that I found :

Lounge → Wallpaper art

Welcome in the Wallpaper art category
Have you been all creative and designed a new wallpaper that you want to share with us, go ahead we’re curious to admire your work of art.

→ EndeavourOS Random Fan/Fun Art 1
→ Some Wallpapers till the Real Artists Drop By
→ Monochromatic wallpapers
→ Colorful Life by Uncle Mez
→ Logos for Wallpaper art
→ Lunar Endeavour
→ Colorful Wallpaper

There are not Real or False Artists, but only Artists who push beauty at their best as a Coder writes poetry with code to make EndeavourOS possible. Here is about to arch and elevate whatever where You come from. So If You agree I will let them here cause it cames naturally like this first, and I will follow your suggestion in a second time to create and regroup all wallpapers in a new Thread about History Satellite EndeavourOS Wallpapers I’m preparing.

I almost finished a new conky that will feet on the same wallpaper we are using, I need to check where to share it too.



Yeah Brother, thank you sooo much. Well to be honest I think my post was on top because I was a community member of the wonderful antergos community a while back before life decided I should go on a little unexpected adventure and I was homeless for a year. But I finally found work again and am doing much better but still trying to get a “real” computer. So I was an early poster in this category.

I was keeping track of the forum whenever I had the chance on an old cell phone and learned that the community wanted to continue with a new vision while still holding true to the community that made antergos such a wonderful place to visit and contribute to.

I don’t really have any experience in coding so I thought maybe I could make a small contribution to get the ball rolling with some "art " work, just to show , hey you don’t have to be a Picasso to contribute something you think is cool, and you don’t have to worry about people judging too you harshly here.

Just being willing to make a contribution (in whatever way YOU (or any other person) can) wherever your talents lie, speaks volumes.

And I look foreword to that Conky as I will probably use it my own self and Thank You for your time and effort, they are welcomed and appreciated!

Regards blinky

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Feel free to add yours by creating a pull request or give me the URL to it!



EOS with soft official color on logo added. The Conky is now available at the conky thread :rocket:

I hope that it will be as you would like @blinky, garde la flamme after this hard time life you past throw.

When EOS is turning Ultra violet. :open_umbrella:

When EOS fly above Mars ! :rocket:






A little morning mist and our New Zealand native Cabbage Trees.


For Arch fans



Maybe I’m an Arch Enemy? :wink:

Screenshot from 2020-12-19 15-02-12

I love it!





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