Some Wallpapers till the Real Artists Drop By

I was blinky over on the antergos forums and I liked making backgrounds (wallpaper) randomly. So here are a few to get the ball rolling… My best wishes to you all my friends :smile:

Link leads to Framapic Gallery:

EDIT: The original gallery link has been replaced with a new Framapic gallery link after fixing the errors as pointed out by @Beardedgeek72 My thanks for pointing out the errors. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi Blinky nice to see you here.
Don’t be modest about your work, I love them all. Thank you so much for your contribution.


I second @Bryanpwo
I’ll definitely download those after install.


Hey thanks for the kindness, hope all goes well with you all. Some dark walls. Framapic link: Take care!

Edit: More dark walls:


Concrete or stone texture:


is my favourite!


That’s really nice, cause I wouldn’t have picked that for “MY” personal favorites. Thank you so much for saying so! You guys are so awesome, thanks to you all for all your hard work giving the community a new home! :blush:

I hate to be that guy, but there are three more wallpapers that has the line along the right side.


Thank you for being that guy! :slightly_smiling_face::v::+1: I updated the original post with a link to a new gallery with updated backgrounds. :beers:


Some modified Pexels art:


like them, new born EndeavourOS Party !


Modified Pix-a-bay art:

Edit to add, modified Pexels art:


I think the first two would work great with Mint’s Cinnamon themes. :grin:

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Here is a picture I took in the mid 1990s with a Minolta XGM 35 mm SLR FILM camera. I had just been on the summit of Gray’s Peak and was coming down to take the saddle over to Torrey’s Peak. So I’m standing on the side of Gray’s Peak looking towards Torrey’s. Both of which are fourteeners (mountains whose summits are 14,000 ft or more in elevation, or 4,267 meters). So this is a nostalgic background for me.
Colorado has 54 fourteeners, and if you climb all 54 it’s called a Colorado Grand Slam. Enough history.


Wonderful, thanks for sharing! Never been to Colorado, so I had to look these peaks up. So from what I read, this is the Continental Divide? Standing on a peak with peaks as far as the eye can see… Like I said, wonderful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, in the state of Colorado, Grays Peak (14,270 ft) is the highest peak on the Continental Divide, and Torrey’s Peak (14,267 ft) s the second highest on the Continental Divide.
Mount Elbert (14,443 ft) is the highest peak in Colorado, but it’s not on the Continental Divide.
Here is one challenge I was never able to conquer.

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From the page you linked:

The Keyhole Route is NOT a hike! It is a climb that crosses enormous sheer vertical rock faces, often with falling rocks, requiring scrambling, where an unroped fall would likely be fatal.

Hokey smokes! I have enough problems these days remaining upright on level stable ground, lol!

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Great work @blinky! :+1:
Just wanted to throw in a wallpaper too. :sweat_smile:
Made from an old macro shot…


Thank you sooo much for your contribution. I hope you and others will continue to share your favorite backgrounds!

Feel free to start your own threads if you want. I want you all to get the recognition you deserve for your unique arts! I love seeing them all! or you can post here if you want, I just think it’s great you contributed and I thank you!!

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Oh yeah when I named this thread, I realized that there are an enormous quantity of talent far beyond my capabilities. HOPEFULLY! HOPEFULLY, as it should be, I know you native born OP’s could out create me 10 times over. I hope you will… Long Live the independent thinker and the OPEN SOURCE community!! All the Love!!