Some small tweak recommendations for low-end hardware

So I mainly use endeavor on low-spec systems such as revived Chromebooks
one of the main issues I consistently run into is storage, most Chromebooks only have an 16gb to 32gb internal storage.
The second most common issue I run into is low memory or potato CPU, but that’s just a caveat of Chromebook hardware that not much can be done about/

So here are some options I feel should be shown in the installer

  1. separate home partition support
  • most Chromebook have an SD Card slot, whether its full size or micro, it typically has one, if not it has a USB port, so allowing to define an external partition for /home would be a life saver to have on storage
  1. mount /var/cache/pacman/pkg as tmpfs,
  • most of the time users are not going to need these files to persist,
  • this folder is a cache folder where pacman stores the packages it downloads, the problem is that there is no tooling built into pacman to clean this folder out, on a server I was running for a few years this folder once reached 40gb of storage, and the average arch user (let alone the user-friendly Endeavor user) may not know about this folder and the storage creep it can have.
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Use manual installation and create the partition scheme you want.

sudo pacman -Sc

sudo pacman -Scc

paccache (paccache.timer, paccache.service)

Please refer to ArchWiki and the man pages for pacman and paccache for more info,


You can enable the systemd paccache.timer which will clean the cache weekly using the default settings.