Some numbers don't work

Hi guys, I’m new to endeavour OS. I’m having a weird problem with my laptop keyboard and my off-brand usb keyboard that I have connected. In both devices the numbers eight nine and cero don’t work. the keystrokes are recognized and I can use the key toguether with shift to type the special characters but if I press the keys alone they dont work.
Any idea what the problem might be? I’m using XFCE with openbox as WM. the keys just suddenly stopped working propperly.

I mean…70% of the numbers are working, isn’t that enough? :nerd_face:

What is your keyboard layout set to?

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I mean, I wouldn’t have noticed it either any other day but today I wanted to do some math and I realized that the keys don’t work. :sweat_smile: The image is in spanish, the layout is the generic pc 1zero5 keys

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Does the keyboard work on the live image?

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right now I don’t have a live image at hand. But the keys seem to work when trying to login to the DE. they just seem to stop working once logged in.

It seems that it is a problem with my openbox config. Will take a look at my rc.xml. Thank you for your time.

show your localectl output…
Could be you do need to add language to locales…
And welcome on this purple spacehip here :enos: