Some funky findings while using the MX Master 3

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas.

I just wanted to take the time to share my experience with the new mouse. For office work, there is little on the market that competes with this mouse in terms of comfort, quality, features, etc. If you can shell out the rather expensive price, 120USD at the time I purchased, then this will be the best most you can buy. Don’t buy it for gaming though. The sensor is not fast enough to keep up.

Enough about the mouse itself. Here’s my experience with using it for a couple of weeks.

This mouse can connect up to 3 devices at the same time, and you can switch between them using the button on the bottom. 1 connects to the USB receiver, 2 and 3 connect via Bluetooth.

Using the receiver for my desktop(EndeavourOS) it connected immediately with no issues at all. However, some features were missing compares to Windows or Mac, specifically the copy flow feature. The receiver had no issues connecting and disconnecting between restarts or logins. Note that the mouse seems to not work when you are on the login screen(GDM). I am unsure if this is normal or if this is a bug with GDM.

Bluetooth options worked well as well. Though, on Arch, it took around 7 seconds for the machine to recognize the mouse. On Fedora, this issue does not seem to happen.

However, there is one issue I’ve noticed in the Bluetooth modes. Weirdly, when I restart the system or come back from suspension, the mouse often has connection issues. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it refuses to work entirely despite Gnome settings reporting that the mouse is connected. Removing the device from Gnome settings and re-pairing fixed the issue. This issue only seems to happen on my Lenovo laptop with EndeavourOS. My LG Gram with Fedora does not have this issue so this might be an issue with this specific laptop.

For configuring mouse settings(DPI, polling rate, etc), Solaar seems to work best. I’ve tried both Piper and solar. On EndeavourOS, Piper had this weird issue where the settings would reset themselves. Re-booting the system seems to rectify this issue. This again only happened on my Lenovo laptop, not on the desktop or Fedora LG gram so it might be an issue with the Laptop itself.

Solaar on the other hand worked with flying colors out of the box. While you aren’t able to create custom keybindings as piper does, Solaar provides other tweaks that make it more useful than piper. You can change the scroll wheel sensitivity, direction, rachet sensitivity, etc. These settings seem to stick with the mouse regardless of what machine I use so that’s a plus.

Overall, despite some of the weird issues on EndeavourOS, I really like using this mouse and I recommend any office worker to use it as well. It will serve you well for the next 4 to 5 years to come before Logitech releases the next version of this mouse.

I hope you all have a pleasant day.

Waddle on!

Edit: After some additional usage, I can confirm that the weird wireless connection issues only happen on Arch-based distros and not on others. A bug in upstream maybe?


I have the same mouse for almost a year now and I think only arch based distros have the connectivity related issues. Maybe it’s some kind of config issue, never bothered me enough to look into it more.

Otherwise I couldn’t be happier with it.

Oh and I use it more than I’d like to admit (work + outside work) and I think I had to charge it 3 times in 1 year.


Trackball mouse by Logitech all the way. Not pushing a mouse around a desk. Let the opposable thumb get some exercise?


got the same issue with my g304!
sometimes after a reboot, my machine doesn’t register my mouse…
a simple re-plugging of the usb receiver fixes it.
little annoying but doesn’t bother me that much :laughing:

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I think this only happens on Arch distros. Maybe a mis configured config file? I have not been able to replicate this issue to the degree it happens on EOS on Fedora. Strange.

P.S. 여기서 한국인 볼 줄은 몰랐내요. 고등학교 갓 졸업한 서울놈 입니다. 반갑습니당.

I have used trackball meece for the past 10 years, but got sick of replacing the Logitech mx370 after the clickers gave up from 6 months of use. So then I got an Elecom DXt1, which lasted 7 years before finally succombing to the same issue. I cannot easily get the elecom here in NZ now, so just got a rather expensive Logitech MX Ergo. It works nicely so far, and has a rather cool configurable angle of use, based on a magnetic bottom plate. I am hopeful Logitech have improved their clicker microswitches!

they have definitely not, however replacing them switches is not such a complicated procedure. a bit of soldering is required, but nothing too fancy.

  • one on the trackball
    @onyxnz strange mine is 10 years old it does need a strip down to remove the body fat from the fingers any thumb sometimes i’ve got 2 kids that does not help they also use it for gaming. perhaps that is the problems you encounter.

Yeah nah… maybe we just get the shittiest ones down here? I literally had 5 370s sitting there with bad clickers. I don’t mind soldering, but getting the right microswitch, when they are obviously a bad design/batch is the problem for me.

Switches are easy to find, Logitech uses Japanese (but made in China) Omron switches, model D2FC-F-7N. They come in multiple lifespan variants labeled accordingly: D2FC-F-7N(10M), D2FC-F-7N(20M), D2FC-F-7N(50M) rated for 10million, 20million and 50million clicks accordingly. the simple variant with no extra labeling (D2FC-F-7N) is rated for 5 million clicks.

You can just get the highest rated versions. They can be found on ebay or aliexpress.

On a side note, I just finished soldering the G305. My, was this a painful experience. 17 screws to unscrew and getting to the switches surprise: they’re 10M switches (10 million clicks rated). So I opened up the switch I replaced to see what was wrong with it, as I definitely didn’t use the mouse that much, so such early failure was unusual, and discovered corrosion on the tiny spring blade. No idea how that can happen inside a switch, this is a first for me.

Here’s a link on Omron switches:

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오 한국분이셨구나~ 반갑습니다!
디스트로호핑하다가 eos에 정착했는데 여기서 한국분을 뵙다니 신기하네요ㅋ
늦었지만 졸업 축하드려요^^

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I bought a horribly cheap chinese mouse - silent clickers - then took the clickers out and put them into my 8 year old E-blue Mazer after my son sent it crashing to the floor and trod on it trying to grab it…

Nothing special - cost me maybe $6 back in the day, has thumb buttons (how else do you move and resize windows?) and a nice fit for my thumb with the airplane wing design…


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