Some feedback for July 24th, 2019 :)

Hello, another day, another thread :slight_smile:

I found 3 bugs today, 2 which are crashing processes.

  1. Building ISO process:

There are 2 missing font packages which are breaking ISO build process.


  1. Net-Install process:

Well, it looks like you cannot install Endeavour using net-install while using EFI… There is no efibootmgr available :frowning:


Will make another post as I’m limited to 2 links by post.


Last bug, which is really minor.

In the dialog box when you can choose either online or offline install, there is an useless line above choices.


Can I be called bugman today?


They were removed from arch, we’ll remove from packages list. Looks like fonts are being changed lately, hope to improvement…

We’re testing. We added the code yesterday, it’s rainning here for 3 days, 1 blackout, my internet is bad. Some times is hard to test all stuff. Please be patient.
Joe is working in the netinstall script and checking font alternatives.

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I noticed Archlinux team cleaned up a little font packages…

Just giving some help here, reporting bugs I found… That’s all I can do in order to make Joe’s task lighter.

Just don’t take it bad, please!

In France, we currently have a big bad heat wave… 37°C this afternoon… I just want to live in a cave until heat is going down. I do hate summer! :frowning:

Have a good day.


Not at all. Don’t worry and please keep giving feedbacks. I just thought weird you tested something before me, cause my internet prevented me to do it yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

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how about this (flameshot image is bigger than the real one)

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Simply the way it have to be.

Maybe title could be changed to something like: “Please choose an option for installation” with a little explanation in () right to each one.

Online (choose your desktop)
Offline (install live desktop)

What do you think?

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Well… I had some free time this afternoon… So I wanted to see how far net-install works.

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The bottom one is better. Cleaner I think. Well, after all, just try a poll :slight_smile:


I agree; in the first picture “choose an option” being shown a second time on same prompt is unnecessarily redundant.