Some apps don't refresh unless I toggle fullscreen in Awesome WM

Hey all! Just joined the forum to try and solve this issue so if I’m breaking any rules feel free to let me know. Anyways, I’m running into a pretty strange issue where certain apps don’t refresh unless I toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. So if I’m using it fullscreen it won’t update unless I make it windowed, and if it’s windowed it won’t update unless I switch to fullscreen. I had the same issue a few months back with i3 and couldn’t solve it, I just ended up switching back to Windows 11 full time. Now I’ve done a clean install of Endeavour and am having the same Issue with Awesome WM. Here’s some footage of the issue. Any ideas here would be appreciated. Cheers, Marcy.

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One question could be what compositor did you install, did you try picom and adding it to your config?

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I’m using picom. Here’s my config on pastebin

Do mind giving some hardware info. Difficult to predict what can cause the issue. It’s either your awesome config or it is some of the hardware driver. Also if you can, pastebin your awesome config file.

I am not experienced in that window manager, and rather use i3wm…

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Sure. Here are my specs. And my Awesome config

I actually just switched to Awesome w/ this install. I normally use i3 but had the same issue.

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Strange. Hardware and drivers look ok to me. Alder lake Intel 12 gen is a pretty new model (nice machine btw!). Perhaps there are still some bugs with the integrated graphics. Would have to do some search on that. One thing you could try is booting via lts kernel but with the newer hardware I would expect the newer kernel to be better. But maybe worth a shot.

If you want try, just in case some recent info I posted

And here to make lts appear in the bootloader

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Thanks! I was using an old 2015 thinkpad for years and one of the hinges broke so I finally had to upgrade. Decided not to skimp out on a new laptop. Gonna be paying $90/mo on it for a while though.

Will definitely look at the integrated graphics. Funny enough every time I open Unreal Engine on Windows it tells me my graphics driver isn’t supported. I updated it recently but it wants me to roll back to a version that came out early this year. Can’t find an archived version from Asus though. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

Perhaps they also release have a recent bios upgrade that maybe worth it.

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Hey, I just woke up and found a solution within a few minutes! The integrated graphics were definitely the issue so thank you for the advice!

For anyone that finds this thread, the solution I found was to delete these two packages:

$ yay -R xf86-video-intel
$ yay -R libxvmc
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Just in case there is also the recommendation from arch wiki, which seems to agree with your solution. Mornings are always good to solve problems. :grin:

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