Some applications still have the Adwaita GTK theme

Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me with an annoying thing I noticed on Openbox. I used Lxappearance to set a GTK theme but I noticed some apps (gnome system monitor, dino, and pamac) still have the Adwaita theme. This for sure is not set anywhere. I’m wondering if this is because it’s a GTK-4 thing. At the very least I’d like to get it to default to Dark mode but ideally I want it to follow my actual GTK/Openbox theme. Any ideas on how to do this?

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If apps are designed to use libadwaita… they will not follow gtk theme settings the same way as you are used to for gtk 2 and 3 …

There are ways to set their theme too, but not with lxapperance.

And for this, dconf-editor is your friend.

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Thank you Doktor good to be here :slight_smile: I’m a recent Manjaro budgie transplant. I remember it seemed to be better about applying the theme correctly there.

This is great!! Thank you! I did a search for it but didn’t see it explained what was happening. Thanks very much :3

Edit: Hmm, unfortunately I got over excited and I do see that Adwaita isn’t listed on anything but a deprecated dconf value, for everything else my GTK theme is listed and use default isn’t checked.

However, I do have both cinnamon and openbox installed. I wonder if some wires got crossed there. I also don’t know much about GTK 2/3 etc and maybe my chosen theme doesn’t fall back properly.

Second edit: Poked around back in cinnamon and tried to change the theme again, no dice. Did some digging and found this which did the trick:
Also some of the themes I had didn’t have gtk-4 support so maybe that’s where I got wrong.

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Glad you were able to troubleshoot and find a solution in the end.

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