Some advice to me (new & noob user))

Hello, SD here.

I am a new user (also to linux & endeavour OS).

And after hopping from ubuntu & fedora I wanna install this distro & use the i3WM version.

And after searching through internet that i3 is very old (& something like manual riling manager?)…

And most of the tutorials I got are 3/4 years old…

So I wanna know is i3 still good in 2023 as all the tutorials say?

And also please suggeste if I should use anything else (like better WM…)

I’ve used the following in the past : dwm, awesomeWM, hyprland

  • If you do not have any problem with wayland then use Hyprland
  • For X11 i will recommend AwesomeWM
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Hi and welcome to :enos:.

To answer this, I would say it is. i3 is loved by a lot of people and there is a big community behind it. Don’t worry about tutorials. The main concepts of how i3 is configured are the same. Some small parts might have changed but you can find help here or anywhere else.

Also, i3 has a good set of documents where you can learn how stuff works. From my experience, i3 is a very user-friendly WM to configure or learn.

We can’t suggest something without knowing what is your end goal. But my advice is to you, to try a few in a VM (virtual machine) for some time. Then stick to one you feel comfortable and like.

For example, I like XFCE (my daily driver) as my DE but I also like AwesomeWM (I hear the rambling about Lua) but I like it. I also like KDE, i3, and Bspwm but I’m not using them as my daily driver. I tried them out and have them as my backup if something happens to XFCE.

If you want to know how many WM/DE are available in Linux refer to this


You could also try Sway. It’s basically a Wayland version of i3, but I wouldn’t be worried about using either one.

Well, I am still in kde Neon (still gathering pre-installation info)
And in this distro, Wayland seriously messes up my system so I am not sure if it will work on endeavour…

But as for awesomeWM, yeah recently I have heard about it and wanna give it a try …

KDE Neon is not going to be the best choice for trying different window managers. It’s a distro based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and outside of the KDE packages, is pretty stale. It’s not really even a distro so to speak, it’s just a tool for the KDE team to highlight and showcase all of the latest developments in their own way.
If you want to try multiple window managers on a different base (that’s not arch) I’d recommend checking out SUSE Leap or maybe some of the community spins of Fedora.

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KDE Neon is currently based on Ubuntu 22.04 and receives updated kernels when Ubuntu pushes the hardware enablement stack. Also, why the negative connotation of “stale” and “not really even a distro?” People might not like Ubuntu and/or Cannonical, but the hostility is a bit uncalled for when putting down someone’s choice of distro to start their Linux journey.


As @eznix says no need to bash other distros. Every distro serves some kind of a purpose and someone worked on that distro.

If the OP wants to try out any WM/DE on a non-Arch environment then I would say go with Debian. The grandpappy of all Linux distros.

Well, yeah that’s true :sweat_smile:

And also I hate cononical too(specially their snap thing…):sweat_smile: that’s why I didn’t install kubuntu…

And @eznix not trying to down Neon, just using KDE’s on logic and terminology.
First and Second items on their FAQ

On the “stale” comment, it wasn’t meant to be derogatory either. Just a generalized comment about the “typical” state of LTS releases. Unlike a rolling release or the 6-month variant of Ubuntu, LTS releases typically only see bug fixes and minor patches. Where as rolling releases like Arch or Tumbleweed, or 6-month cycle type releases generally have more current versions of software that one would expect to see.

It’s been a while since I used Neon, and while it did have the latest KDE bits, it was still on kernel 5.15 and was missing some of the newer software releases (outside of browsers) that you would expect to see a .deb package for.

Sorry for the perceived hate. I’ll try to be more thoughtful in responses in the future. And thanks for calling me out on it, don’t want to dissuade anyone from enjoying Linux and their chosen environment.


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