[SOLVED]Yay, not able to build anything

I switched to eos today from archlinux, and im dualbooting with win 10, for some reason after installing nvidia drivers and switching to the x11 kde session (wayland didnt work properly) i noticed that i cannot install stuff from the aur with yay -S anymore, it would give be the pick options ( All abort 1 2 3) and after picking the desired options it spits out a long string of script. Im not an expirienced user and cannot tell what this is about, i tried multiple aur packages like obs, spotify, appimagemaker and audacity and i was not able to build any please help me!

The Nvidia-inst command was also not working and, i tried updating my system with both yay and pacman.

For good measure i included a screenshot of what i get when i tried to install the obs studio git 30.1.2r205.g72924ac-1

you say yes to diff the changes of the PKGBUILD files…
hit enter to skip instead should lead to start building with yay…
N for no or enter for skip…
it will in case also ask to get the gpg key (like spotify)

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Just press enter when it asks to show the “Diffs”. Don’t select anything.

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little tip: when you’re on this screen, you can press :q to exit back into the terminal


thank you for the quick help, Is this new in yay? I always used yay but never saw this on arch? Im not sure when the last time was when i updatet that laptop, and my pc was on win for a good amount of time, i also ended up reinstalling endeavourOs because of the nvidia drivers and now everything works perfectly Thank you again!

Thats good to know, im still confused that i had never seen that bevore on my arch maschienes. The only possible explanaition is that its either a new thing, or an endeavour exclusive. Or i did know about this and forgot? Anyways, thank you!


We haven’t changed it…

sounds like :sparkles:𝒖𝒔𝒆𝒓 𝒆𝒓𝒓𝒐𝒓:sparkles: / stupidity then lmao

Maybe paru suits you better? It is mostly very similar to yay, but there are some differences.

sudo pacman -Syu paru