[Solved]When building Python2 in the AUR, checking breaks after running one of the tests

Who ran into a similar problem?

(Not advised, but) you can install by skipping the check:

yay -S python2 --mflags "--nocheck"

Do we actually still need python2 ?

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Yes, among other things, this is also recommended here in the comments. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/python2
Using the Welcome app to update packages, can I tell the build file not to check?

I also asked myself this question, which packages, applications, desktop environments specifically need python2.

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if you do not use any application that needs it you do not need to install it.
I do not think any of the common Desktops need python2.

As I recall, I have a couple of packages on my systems that have python as a dependency.

python2 ?
Arch only removed this old version to the benefit of python3

I run Plasma & XFCE. Neither of those require Python2. I have a lot of packages on my plasma desktop machine and the only 2 that required Python2 were fslint and zenmap, which are both very old AUR applications. I was happy to lose those and get rid of Python2 completely. Most things are on much later Python versions. Personally I would not be happy using Python from the AUR. It is a critical component and the only things I run AUR versions of are applications. What I consider to be major components I will always use versions from the main Arch repos. They will be more reliably maintained and updated.

I had (1) python module - python-sarge - that still uses python2 to build the package, but not to actually use it. I just switched to using pip to install it instead.

Me, on 5 different UEFI\MBR\DE machines, each one with different dependencies.

Just uninstalled all the Python2-junk, and everything runs seamlessly.

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In the end, I did this too, and everything really works smoothly, but before that I looked at what requires python2, but I only found it as optional dependencies for two other packages, and python2-numpy had a mandatory dependency on python2, but not anymore they support it, only python3.

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Thanks, that was the solution, I didn’t see the forum thread you linked that after checking which packages required python2, I uninstalled it without risk.Thanks, that was the solution, after checking which ones require python2, I uninstalled it.

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