[Solved] Update today breaks plasma

What do your logs say? There is a post on here somewhere telling you how to do it, will look. BRB.

Probably the new nvidia driver, what is your nvidia card?

Not an issue with Plasma, as far as I can tell. Everything works fine here.

nvidia gt740
Im still in the process of looking into it myself, but I get stuck on things easy sometimes,
I’ve got 4 more machines to update but don’t want to until I can solve this.

Same problem here " Nvidia GK104 GTX 770". Laptop with Intel graphics still works. KDE/Plasma on both. Unfortunately may not have time to troubleshoot until after 10PM USA EDT.


mkinitcpio -p linux

maybe ?


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is a Kepler chip… so not supported by latest Nvidia drivers as of today…

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740

Also Kepler same for that one not supported by latest Nvidia packages anymore…

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I didn’t see gt740 listed or did I miss it?
oops just saw joes reply
so should I install those dkms?


yes or remove them all together and go for Open Source driver :wink:

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sudo pacman -S nvidia-470xx-dkms
target not found

clearly its in there, but that what it told me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s likely not in the repos - check the AUR with yay :shushing_face:

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AH… duh me


The 470 driver binary is also in the @jonathon’s kernel-lts third party repo.

Add the repo and use pacman to install.


oh, thats why they call it yay…
yay, it’s fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Up and running, just have to add lib32 version now thankyou all


I think it’s yay for @jonathon :grin:


Nah, its (kernel-lts + pacman) for @jonathon:wink: